How to care for your 3D Kartel Mink Lashes.

Mink lashes are known for their quality and longevity which in return with our very own kartel lashes you can expect no less than expected. Kartel lashes are reusable up to 25 times if well cared for. Please read our care policy to get the maximum kartel glam results with our lashes.


Please Do:

  • Be gentle when removing your lashes, you need to be as gentle as when you applied them.

  • Its imperative to remove the glue very carefully from strip after ever wear.

  • We have provided a very durable Kartel Glam box and case for the storing of lashes safely and cleanliness.

  • Please use Kartel Care Kit to care for lashes.


Do not:

  • Mascara avoid the use waterproof mascara on 3D Mink Lashes, they can ruin mink lashes.

  • Soaking in water- Never soak your mink lashes in water or any other liquid this will ruin the curl or the shape of the lashes.

  • Do not pull or snatch the remaining adhesive from strip of the lashes with force. This can ruin the lashes, please be gentle with lashes as if their your own lashes.

  • NEVER use oil-based solutions or harsh chemicals on lashes. (Example-oil based make up remover) This is a very important step in the care of any reusable lashes.


Why you may ask?

  • The use of any oil-based solution will create a residue, in return create a nonstick base to adhesive. using any kind of oil-based solution may also damage and weaken the look of the mink lashes.